c-8 - a. Born Criminals : Those Possessing Any of the...

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Anthropometry Cesare Lombroso Cesare Lombroso : Italian Positivist --Studied Prisoners before and after their death (in 1870) --Argued that criminals were characterized by: --Sloping Foreheads --Small Heads --Large Heads --Short Legs --Sloping Shoulders --Flat Feet Distinctions Possible Between Criminals and Non-criminals Main Tenets: 1. Criminals had distinctive physical features, such as: --Huge Jaws --Strong Canine Teeth --Long Armspan This suggested that: 2. Criminal Behavior can be linked to Atavism --Retardation of Biological Process --Physical Features of Creatures Before they became "Fully Human" --Thus, they are "throwbacks" to an earlier biological stage --Both Physically and Morally 3. Physical Features Termed "Atavistic Stigmata ." --Degree of Criminality Represented by Degree of Stigmata 4. Categories of Criminals
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Unformatted text preview: a. Born Criminals : Those Possessing Any of the Stigmata (1/3 of all criminals)--The Born Female Criminal : The Prostitute b. Insane Criminals : Crime Results of Changes in the Brain c. Criminaloids : Those who don t fall in the other Categories Problems with Lombroso s Research: 1. No concept or definition of crime (defined only as the acts of those in prison). 2. Measure of Physical Traits Casual and Imprecise 3. Failed to Consider Labeling Process 4. No Theory or Understanding of how Traits may be Possessed 5. Notion of Moral Atavism Undeveloped 6. Sampling Problems: a. Institutional Samples b. Few Controls 7. Circular Reasoning We call someone criminal, because they possess inborn inferiority; but we decide that someone is inferior, because they are criminal !...
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c-8 - a. Born Criminals : Those Possessing Any of the...

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