c-7 - 3/23/09 ConstitutionalTheories

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3/23/09 Constitutional Theories Factors causing crime present at or soon after birth. - Behavioral consequences appear gradually during development. - Not necessarily genetic. Assumptions: 1) Individuals differ at birth in the degree to which they are at risk for  criminality. 2) Some features are biological and indisputable in connection with crime. 3) Patterns suggest a psychological trait having a biological origin that  predisposes a person to crime. 4) Based (in part) on studies of families - Proneness to crime varies among family members Biological correlates to crime - Precedes positivism - Medieval law focus on deformity Positive movement focus on external traits - Termed “Anthropometry” 1) Face 2) Head shape 3) Body build Cesare Lombroso  
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-  Italian positivist - Studied prisoners before and after death (1870) Criminals characterized by: - Sloping foreheads - Small heads - Large heads - Short legs
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c-7 - 3/23/09 ConstitutionalTheories

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