l-6 - Is internet social networking at fault? How can we...

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2/11/2010 Britz’s Conclusions Criminals are adjusting to new technology Unique problems exist in the investigation of computer related crime Community perceptions must change to facilitate effective investigations Irresponsible Behavior Destroying evidence of criminal conduct US v Philip D. Russell The Common Law Duty of Rescue What was the traditional rule? Exceptions developed over time How might internet social networking change the playing field? Examples Suicide Pacts Gerald Krein, 26, was charged with solicitation to commit murder and conspiracy  to commit manslaughter Organized an effort for a mass suicide on Valentine’s Day 2005 via an Internet  chat room Implications Is this a new development?
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Unformatted text preview: Is internet social networking at fault? How can we address this problem? A New World of Information You might assume that every bad or dangerous idea within human imagination will be posted on the internet and honored by someone-There is no completely reliable way to censor harmful information-Videos, pictures and information are continually posted and reposted for many years Lots of websites contain false information Some people want to hurt or trick other people because they think this is funny Some people dont know what they are talking about Chemical API Investigation Indianapolis website sold concentrated DXM to internet customers 5 boys overdosed and died What safety message might have prevented these deaths?...
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l-6 - Is internet social networking at fault? How can we...

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