l-7 - 2/18/2010 TheAnalysis Businessandentities...

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2/18/2010 The Analysis Business and entities How you determine them Types of information Value to law enforcement Value to a criminal Personal evaluation of risk Direct Costs of Identity Theft One of the fastest growing crimes in the US Annual costs: - About 900,000 new victims - Consumers lose $5,000,000,000 - Businesses lose $48,000,000,000 What are the other costs? Other Costs of Identity Theft Threatens consumer confidence Makes it more expensive to run a business or entity Security v Conveniences Continuum The Personal Data Industry $5,000,000,000 data-brokering Industry New one-stop phenomenon Some companies - ChoicePoint - Lexis-Nexis - Acxiom What Made this Possible? Better Technology - Faster Computers - Lower cost of data storage - High speed internet - Better software o They   can   quickly   aggregate,   store,   and   retrieve   large   amounts   of  information What they do They can quickly - Aggregate - Store, and - Retrieve Large amounts of information
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Information Available for Purchase Social Security Numbers Current and previous addresses Credit information Employment history Motor  Vehicle  Records,   driver’s   license   information  and  vehicle  identification 
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l-7 - 2/18/2010 TheAnalysis Businessandentities...

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