l-12 - Policy Implication Continual reposting of data...

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Unformatted text preview: 3/25/2010 Policy Implication- Continual reposting of data- Google.com keeps most old messages- Supernews.com and others provide uncensored newsgroup access- Victim images are reposted for many years- Who is regulating this?- Why would an ISP host these groups? So who are all these offenders? Offenders in SD Indiana- Physicians- Emergency Management Director- Drug counselor for teenagers- Therapist- Fire chief- Deputy sheriffs and police officers Working Assumptions About these Offenders- Most were men- Most looked normal and trustworthy- Most held jobs and were accepted in society- Very few had any criminal history- All of them had access to a computer and digital camera- Seduced victims through attention, affection and gifts, not violence or incapacitating drugs Common Offender Characteristics- Planned criminal activity- Elaborate concealment and security precautions- Heavy computer and internet use- Collected child pornography- Often lied to and manipulated the victim and others World Wide Web Activities- Distributing and receiving data file- Researching tradecraft or discussing crime- Locating and researching victims- Enticing victims or hooking up with them- Real-time sexual activity- Social networking Safe Working Assumptions in Child Exploitation Cases- Why are these important? Offender Assumptions 1. Most offenders frequently engage in multiple forms of social networking Pre-Internet Social Networking Attempt Ageplay : pretend to be kid or youth by dressing up like them in 2 nd life(avatar) 2. Offenders nest near their computers and create zones of potential evidence Recent Indiana Case October 15, 2009- Small apt in Indianapolis- Initial probable cause from UC download...
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l-12 - Policy Implication Continual reposting of data...

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