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Prosecutorial discretion - Makes between what prosecutor focuses on what they don’t. - Ability to look at a case and decide what’s best for it. - Main focus of being a prosecutor and working in prosecution system. - Based on community standards, prosecution budget etc… - It’s up to the prosecutor to be able to look at factors. Once you are charged, you have to deal with it. Difference between discrimination The system is made up of people in it. It is not perfect. Legislature makes the law. (what’s legal and illegal) The crime that’s difficult to prove: arson, Murder is difficult to prove when perpetrator shuts up. Every crime scene, the perpetrator leaves something and take something (forensic evidence). - Something attached to the victim Rights…. At trial if you plea the 5 th amendment ,
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Unformatted text preview: The state is the prosecutor, police, investigator You have right to tried by jury. Double jeopardy: once youve been tried, you cant be tried again. Under the constitution, your home is the most right to privacy and protection to government. The police cant search bedroom. Your person and residence is the safest. Ways for police to get in to your room -with your p er mission/invitation-run in after you-if they b elieve that evidence is being d estroyed and they dont have time to get warranty-with a warrant (the m ost com mon) o Probable caus e: the police h as to give the judge the good fact. If a police s e es so m ethin plain view, its a probable cause Reasonable is the most popular word wheth er its civil law or state law....
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