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The first responsibility of prosecutor is to administer justice. The job of prosecutor is… - To enforce laws. - What to charge, how to charge. - They cannot prosecute every laws that exist. Without laws being maintained, there will be a society with no order. Infraction - traffic things, jay-walking etc… - There’s no jail time. You pay fines etc… - You are not entitled to a lawyer. Mistemenor - Lower level crime Felony - “A” highest/ “D” lowest - Murder has not statute of limitation. No automatic setting of bail. It stands in own class. Jurisdiction If you committed crime in Monroe County, you must be prosecuted by and in Monroe County. Who decides what classification of certain crime falls in to?
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Unformatted text preview: -The legislature As in conversion and theft, there are some charges where prosecutor could decide. Ordinances -Local laws-You can’t go to jail.-They are under the jurisdiction of the cities. -Noise ordinance is a unique law. (only in Bloomington) Public indecency -Peeing, naked in public-Mistemenor Cell phone laws-Why they are changing cell phone laws? -Will become more prevalent. • Once you are charge with the crime, the prosecutor has one year to take you to court • If you’ve been in jail more than for 6 months, you have to be released Immigration laws-Federal laws. (computer crimes etc… bec aus e it crosses the stat e)-State prosecutor can’t touch....
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