col-7 - Nietzsche God is Dead o Phrase used to personify...

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Nietzsche “God is Dead” o Phrase used to personify the progress of science and its impact on the Christian religion. Mainly how it no longer held a prominent explanatory role in peoples lives Nietzsche realized that people need to identify some source of meaning and value in their lives The Doctrine of the Will to Power The will to power is a psychological insight o Fundamental drive is for power as realized in independence and dominance o Stronger than the will to survive Martyrs willingly die for a cause While the will to power manifests through violence an dominance, Nietzsche is more interested in the sublimated will to power o Where people turn their will to power inward and pursue self-mastery rather than mastery over others
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Ex: An Indian mystic who submits himself to physical deprivation gains profound self-control and spiritual depth over the power gained by a conquering barbarian Will to power explains the changing aspect of reality o Everything is flux…no such thing as fixed being o Matter is always moving and changing, as are ideas, knowledge, truth, and everything else Will to power is the engine of this change The universe is made up not of facts or things, but rather of wills The idea of the human soul or ego is grammatical fiction o “I” is really a chaotic jumble of competing wills constantly struggling to overcome one another Because change is a fundamental aspect of life Nietzsche… o Considers any point of view that takes reality to be fixed and objective (religion, science, or philosophical) as life denying
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col-7 - Nietzsche God is Dead o Phrase used to personify...

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