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Chapter 6 Definitions 1. : Released by dead cells or those w/ damaged membranes, they diffuse to other cells in reserve for an emergency 2. Tannins : 3. Alkaloids: typed of toxin found in oak buds 4. Plant Defenses : list all diff. types here [and what they do] 5. Prevalence : In epidemiology , the prevalence of a disease in a statistical population is defined as the total number of cases of the disease in the population at a
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Unformatted text preview: given time, or the total number of cases in the population, divided by the number of individuals in the population. It is used as an estimate of how common a condition is within a population over a certain period of time. 6. Mutagens : chemicals that cause mutations 7. Teratogens : are chemicals that interfere w/ normal tissue development and cause birth defects 8. 9....
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