col-4 - Write a news item for a newspaper What advice for...

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Write a news item for a newspaper What advice for decisions about diet might the public derive from this study? include the journalist's questions: who, what. when, where and why in enough detail so that your reader can find the original article. Make clear where the study comes from [journal, year] Elaborate on specific methods in the study Who Daniel C. Benyshek and James T. Watson Report tests the assumption that foragers are more likely to experience regular and severe food shortages than sedentary agriculturalists o This belief came about from the “thrifty genotype hypothesis” which influenced questions about the evolutionary origins of diabetes, lactose tolerance, and other metabolic disorders. Report tests this assumption by making a cross-cultural statistical comparison of the quantity of available food and the frequency and extent of food shortages among 94 foraging and agricultural societies [as reported in the ethnographic record] Results indicate that there is no statistical difference in the quantity of available food, or the frequency or extent of food shortages in these reports between preindustrial foragers, recent foragers, and agriculturalists Intro Assumed that early human foragers were dominated by cycles of feast and famine, prior to there being a settled, agricultural life – periods of gorging alternated with periods of greatly reduced food intake [answers why they did this study b/c wanted to see if this proved to be true, which it didn’t] put in intro o Such cycles were thought [by Neel] to favor individuals with a “thrifty” metabolism – one that was especially efficient at storing fat when plasma glucose levels were highest during times of feast-period abundance. The accumulated fat would then serve as an energy reserve to be utilized during the next food shortage When this is coupled with the high-calorie diet and sedentary lifestyle of Western civilization, it leads to chronic hyperglycemia, insulin resistance, obesity, and type 2 diabetes [ why do this study] Main point of thrifty genotype theory is its potential to explain what eventually became widely different prevalences of type 2 diabetes among a variety of late
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col-4 - Write a news item for a newspaper What advice for...

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