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I. Article [1/22]: Epidemiology of infectious disease: the i.e. of measles II. Author : Black et al. III. Disease : measles a. Describe situation of isolated Brazilian Amazon tribes – free of most epidemic diseases of civilized world b. Review history of measles epidemic in Amerind populations; 3 Brazilian virgin- soil populations and 1 experienced tribein Chile [the Mapuche] were vaccinated against measles c. Virus – effects RNA; many deaths associated w/ measles are due to 2ndary invaders i. Measles replicated w/ low fidelity IV. Notes a. Epidemic patterns in Isolated Populations i. Epidemics in previous isolated communities are more intense than in partially immune populations ii. Use serological technique to reconstruct history of infectious diseases in Amazon tribes; age specific antibody patterns fall into 3 categories b. Measles in Virgin-Soil populations i. 4 differences that account for diff affect of measles: 1. Differences in age-specific attack rate 2. Diff in effects of 2ndary bacterial infections 3.
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Unformatted text preview: Problems associated with the breakdown of basic nursing services when much of the population was sick at once 4. Population-wide diff in susceptibility to the effects of the virus c. Measles Vaccine Reactions in Virgin Populations i. Consistent diff = absence of neurological involvement ii. Vaccine stronger in all 3 virgin-soil groups than in any of the more civilized populations iii. 3 explanations of the measles vaccine: 1. The virgin-soil pops, by virtue of isolation from infections, lack experience with very common antigens that cross-react with measles and provide some priming for the measles response 2. The virgin-soil populations are poorly nourished and this leaves them ill-equipped to resist measles virus 3. The v-soil pops lack certain genetic traits which have become common in other populations through prolonged selective pressure. d. Genetic Considerations i. Most marriages in Brazilian Indian tribe are don only within their tribe e....
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