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MC 364 Memo 4 - involved in social research so more than...

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A39970775 The Validity chapter describes the different research techniques and how statistical analysis can be interpreted. Validity describes the truth of a conclusion. “Internal validity refers to the approximate validity with which we infer that a relationship between two variables is causal…External Validity refers to the approximate validity with which we can infer the presumed causal relationship can be generalized to and across alternate measures…” Conclusions may be drawn from the different kinds of validity but they must always be referred to as only an estimate and never certain. Because specific conclusions cannot be drawn in social science cases, there has been much opposition to its techniques and methods. In the discussions of the previous readings there was much written about how certain set conclusions may not be drawn from social science research with absolute certainty. Correlation is often seen as causality. One must make sure to specify that there are many different causes
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Unformatted text preview: involved in social research so more than likely there will be a correlation between a variety of things but the actual cause is very difficult to pin point. The readings of research methods and the ways in which the studies may go wrong has turned into a red flag for a lot of readers. However, acknowledging the problem is the best way to try to overcome them as best as possible. It is hard to believe the data, but most of the time the research is helpful in many ways so for these reasons the research continues. Social Research is conducted all of the time and is beneficial when it comes to many political decisions. The idea that it is impossible to find the direct cause of any problem is what has created many of the problems which have always existed. Since there is no way to exactly tell what must be done, research must always continue and the results must always be viewed skeptically....
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