MC 364 Memo 8 - The forms of data collection have been...

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A39970775 Wysocki and Schutt discussed experiments and the differences between them. They discussed the pretest/posttest methods involved in true experiments. Designing a nonexperiment involves more case study forms of experimentation. There are many problems involving generalizability and validity with these forms of experiments. The authors provided many arguments discussing how the outcomes of the experiments may gain greater reliability of the data. The issues related to bias seemed to be a main strain of validity within these experimental sets. Wysocki showed an example of bad reliability with regards to sex surveys. Interpretation of this data is hard since the rating of this is sometimes unreliable on a personal level as well as hard to measure. The authors discussed validity issues with each data set being taken but the ways to decrease the chances of being invalid were increase of expense which is why there is often such variation in data.
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Unformatted text preview: The forms of data collection have been discussed in previous readings as well. Questionnaires are hard to regulate because those who send them back are often a certain type of people. The random selection of people was also very important. The discussion of selecting people by counting 1 or 2 was one form of random selection on the spot. There are many ways to randomize but making sure that an accurate group is acquired is very hard through the means discussed. The problems I foresaw with much of the data involved the randomization. The counting on the spot seemed to not be very random since I believe it was done in person. If the order had been changed slightly it may have had a greater influence than one would guess. It is also ways hard to find a situation where there is no bias but finding a point where there is as much random data collected is very important in combating generalizability....
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MC 364 Memo 8 - The forms of data collection have been...

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