MC 364 Memo 12 - A39970775 The case study research...

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A39970775 The case study research discusses the various requirements for experimental set up. In order to have an effective study there must be a question, proposition, unit of analysis, link to data and interpretation criteria. The questions to validity must be accounted for in order to maintain the usability of the data acquired. There are many forms of study which affect the outcome greatly such as case studies versus comparative studies. The comparison of a control group with a test group is important in determining how much one characteristic affects a population but there are many benefits which may be broadly applied through the use of case studies as well. The discussion of validity has been brought up because there are so many threats to account for in experimental design. The creation of a framework to account for faults in the system, are necessary to be able to apply the data making it useful. The question of external validity when compared to other studies can effect just how useful the outcome may be. The
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MC 364 Memo 12 - A39970775 The case study research...

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