MC 364 Memo 15 - The comparisons allow for a study to have...

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A39970775 Memo 15 The readings all discussed Singapore as a world leading industrial nation . There have been many strategies taken up to boost output and improve employee benefits for their hard work . The country is very highly ranked and the improvement of workers skills through various programs put on has made a huge difference . It has also been made a point to employ disadvantaged workers such as the elderly or those making very low wages . They even hold festivals which focus on the importance of always learning . The country has made great strides with regards to its improvement within its industries through a few key changes . Case study analysis helps to put programs into perspective . Seeing the various views on what had happened within Singapore helped to see the outcomes in a variety of ways . The case is applicable to other nations as well to a certain extent because the successes can still be used but the actual closeness of the data to another entity is a separate debate
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Unformatted text preview: . The comparisons allow for a study to have a greater impact than just evaluation . The ranking of the nation in comparison to others shows just how important it is to meet certain standards globally and how the collection of this data is important because then countries may improve themselves . The evaluation of programs is best done through comparison with control groups with other countries provide to a certain extent because they do not have the same programs . Finding out what works and what doesn’t may be done so through multiple methods. There was a lot of discussion within these articles about continued education in a field of work but there is a gap left in discussing just how to pay for all of this education . The employers cannot always pay for the continued education . However, it is necessary for these workers to continue in order to maintain efficiency . The question then becomes what is the balance between expense and outcomes ....
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MC 364 Memo 15 - The comparisons allow for a study to have...

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