MC 364 Memo 16 - effect play a huge role as well Especially...

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A39970775 The readings both discuss the relation between political action and scientific research. Many sources have found disconnect between the two but those who have found a correlation have many explanations for this and show the necessity for continued analysis within the social science field. There has been much current government support for studies involving policy today. Governmental organizations spend great amounts to verify what is occurring as a result of policy but the results to not necessarily always mean a certain political outcome. Overall the readings discuss research and its place in social science with regards to politics. When it comes to political action as a result of research validity is a very important component. The discussion of reliability in the social science research field and the actions which occur after the fact came up in the readings. There are many volatile areas with regards to crime and education where there is much opinion surrounding these and studies of the policy
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Unformatted text preview: effect play a huge role as well. Especially since ‘policies are hypotheses’ the accuracy of the hypothesis must be measured in order to see the full effects. The discussion of costs came into play a lot in research discussions and the cost-benefit analysis discussed within these articles shows just how important it is to take these factors into account. The outcomes of data may be greatly affected by the fund allotted. Discussions of rationality in the readings also play a part in the research because human error plays a part in ever study as well as determining every policy which goes into effect. I thought that the readings were a culmination of the course overall because they discussed the necessity for research in social science which is an area where I had personally very little knowledge before the class. I think that the readings showed just how much research plays a role in politics. It gave me a new perspective along with the class as to just how important analysis is....
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MC 364 Memo 16 - effect play a huge role as well Especially...

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