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E4/7 Chris Graflage THEO 221-01 Essay Question 1 History and Faith Yes it is important to Christian faith because it can weaken or strengthen certain points of their beliefs of Jesus. For example, the Jesus Seminar found very little evidence to suggest that Jesus ever though of himself as Son of God, Messiah, performer of miracles or apocalyptic prophet. This finding could strengthen ones faith because it could be interpreted that Jesus is very humble and never goes labels himself with such mighty words of power. At the same time it could weaken ones faith because it could be interpreted that Jesus never thought of himself as these names because he was not the Savior but merely a prophet or a radical social reformer. A Christian believer does not necessarily have to know every small detail about Jesus to preserve faith. I do not think minor details such as when Jesus traveled to Jerusalem or Cana and at what time will have a large impact on Christian faith.
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Unformatted text preview: It is important determining historical facts about Jesus for Christian faith if they are facts that affect the teachings of Christianity. Other historical facts that could have an impact on Christianity could be if the Last Supper actually happened or not because it is one of the essential components of Christianity. Overall, the historical facts found about Jesus could help people have greater belief in him or could cause people to lose faith in him and Christianity altogether. I believe this is important to Christian faith because it lets Christians know that they are practicing the faith correctly according to God through the teachings of Jesus. Though, another possibility is they are not practicing correctly at all because these facts could alter peoples belief in Jesus as the Savior....
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