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Essay Question 5 Gospel Differences - got cured. After...

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E4/8 Chris Graflage THEO 221-01 Essay Question 5 Gospel Differences Mark, Matthew, and Luke are called the synoptic gospels. These three text have many resemblances thus are called synoptic. The word synoptic in Greek means “seen together.” This is why the story of the Jesus curing a blind man is so similar in these three gospels. In these three gospels the story is told of the blind man saying he believes and Jesus curing him. John’s version of the story is much different. In his version Jesus does not just magically cure him, rather he puts clay on his face and has the blind man wash it off. Also John’s version is more elaborate because it has the effects of what happened after Jesus cured the blind man. The blind man sees the Pharisees where they ask how he
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Unformatted text preview: got cured. After looking at the three synoptic gospels more closely I could see some differences. Matthews version is not quite as detailed as Marks and Lukes. It seems that Matthews version was the original one and that Mark and Luke borrowed from him and added more to it. It seems that Matthew is the least detailed, then Lukes is slightly more detailed, and then Mark is much more detailed. According to the textbook the differences I saw between these three gospels in the story of the blind man is based on the Two-Gospel hypothesis. This theory states that gospels were written in the order Matthew-Luke-Mark with Luke dependent on Matthew while Mark is dependent on both of them....
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