Essay Question 6 Jesus' Dates

Essay Question 6 Jesus' Dates - Herod died in 4BCE, and, as...

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E4/8 Chris Graflage THEO 221-01 Essay Question 6 Jesus’ Dates Jesus birth is placed—by Matthew explicitly and Luke implicitly—in the time of King Herod the Great. The time in history referred to as 0 (in between BCE and CE) was at first believed to refer to the birth of Jesus. Since the gospels say Jesus was born during the reign of King Herod the Great he had to be born sometime before 4 BCE (or BC) because that is when King Herod died. This is ironic because, if this date is correct then Jesus Christ was born four years before Christ. Luke dates Jesus birth to the time of “the first registration.” The first registration took place under the governor Quirinius who reigned from 6-7 CE Luke says that the census took place “in those days,” which in context means around the time of the birth of John the Baptist, which Luke says is in the reign of Herod. This is erroneous because
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Unformatted text preview: Herod died in 4BCE, and, as state above, the first census took place around 6-7CE. All the gospels agree on the time of Jesus death, on a Friday either Passover proper (John) or the day after Passover (Matthew, Mark, Luke). Passover proper took place during Nisan 14, and the Passover meal was eaten at the star of Nisan 15. Its been calculate that Nisan 14 ended on a Friday evening in 33 CE and Nisan 15 ended on a Friday in 30CE. Either of the years fits Lukes claim that Jesus died during the reign of Pilate (26-36CE), the high-priesthood of Caiaphas (ca. 18-36/37CE), and of Antipas (4BCE-39CE). Johns belief of Jesus dying on Passover probably has a theological motive. Therefore, assuming the synoptists are correct it may well be that Jesus died on the cross on Friday, April 7, 30 CE....
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