Essay Question 7 Matthew and Luke Compared

Essay Question 7 Matthew and Luke Compared - In Matthew the...

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E4/8 Chris Graflage THEO 221-01 Essay Question 7 Matthew and Luke Compared There are more differences between the two then there are similarities. In Matthew he first gives the genealogy from Abraham to David all the way down to Joseph, the husband of Mary. Luke does not do this. In Matthew, you see the Immaculate Conception through the side of Joseph. He was going to quietly divorce Mary until the angel Gabriel came to declare that Mary was conceived by the Holy Spirit to have the sun of God. Luke first tells the story of his teacher, John the Baptist. He tells of how the cousin of Mary, Elizabeth, miraculously conceived a child in her old age. Another difference is in Luke, you see the Immaculate Conception through the side of Mary. The angel Gabriel tells her she will conceive a son through the Holy Spirit. Both Matthew and Luke have Jesus being born in the town of David, Bethlehem.
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Unformatted text preview: In Matthew the Magi come to see the birth of Jesus, and in Luke the shepherds come to see the birth of Jesus. Matthew speaks of the decree of Herod to have every child under the age of two years old killed in Bethlehem. Luke does not mention this. Another difference is that Luke speaks of a census where Joseph and Mary must go to Bethlehem when Mary gives birth there all of a sudden. Also, Luke has the story of Jesus when his parents lose track of him on their journey back from Jerusalem. They went back to Jerusalem and found him in the temple where everyone who listened to him was astonished. There certainly more differences than similarities between these two synoptic authors, but both speak of Bethlehem being the place where Jesus is born and speak of the Immaculate Conception....
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