Essay Question 12 Jesus and Exorcism

Essay Question 12 Jesus and Exorcism - of the man and...

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E4/8 Chris Graflage THEO 221-01 Essay Question 12 Jesus and Exorcism The stories about exorcism told by Josephus and Mark are similar because both of the men in the story directly force the demon out. They do not pray to God to do it. They actually do the action. Also in both stories bystanders are made known that the demons or unclean spirits are driven out. In Josephus’ story the people see that the unclean spirit is gone when it knocks over a cup full of water. In Mark’s story, Jesus makes known to the bystanders that the unclean spirit is out when the swine run into the river, drowning themselves. Though, in Josephus’ story, Eleazar intentionally makes known to the bystanders the unclean spirit is gone. Jesus does not do this intentionally. Some other differences were in the manner in which they had expelled the unclean spirit. Eleazar did this through the nose of the afflicted man. Jesus did this by taking the unclean spirit out
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Unformatted text preview: of the man and putting it into the swine. I believe that people are still possessed to this day though it seems like it is less frequently then in ancient times. It was more frequent in ancient times probably to describe more bizarre behavior that could not be explained in any other way. It is less frequent in contemporary times but there is still very bizarre behavior that is described as the devil taking possession of that person. The devil does exist. This is based on the constant description in the bible of the devil in struggle with Jesus. Also this is reasoned because if everything good derived from God then where did evil derive from? If there is heaven then there must be hell since heaven is only for good people, then where do all the evil people go?...
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