Essay Question 16 The Shroud of Turin

Essay Question 16 The Shroud of Turin - the Old Testament...

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E4/8 Chris Graflage Theo 221-01 Essay Question 16 The Shroud of Turin This Shroud of Turin does not prove anything to Jesus per say, though it does have the imprint of the body of a man crucified according to procedures remarkably like those used for the execution of Jesus as recorded in biblical testimony. It does show that the person wrapped up in the shroud was crucified because there are marks on the cloth in the area of hands and feet that are evidently bloodstains. Forensic pathologist also have confirmed that the injures sustained by this man include scourging, puncture wounds around the head, facial bruises, a stabbing in the chest, and the piercing of wrists areas just below the palms. The crucifixion is a very important as a proof of Christian faith. It is foretold in
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Unformatted text preview: the Old Testament that the Messiah would die for our sins. The crucifixion is one of the last events that prove Jesus was the Messiah, confirming the prophecies including Jesus own prophecy. Christians would not make a story like this up because crucifixion is so disgraceful and horrifying. The crucifixion is by itself the basis of the Christian faith. If there was new evidence that proved Jesus was not crucified then the Christian faith would lose much of its bearing. This event is the climax of all the gospels. It shows Gods mercifulness by having his Son being sacrificed for everyone else. It is an important belief that makes Christianity what it is and distinguishes it from other religions....
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