Essay Question 24 Jesus and Women

Essay Question 24 Jesus and Women - reason Luke includes...

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E4/8 Chris Graflage THEO 221-01 Essay Question 24 Jesus and Woman The names of many women are connected with Jesus, and some have instrumental roles. Jesus is unusual in ways to other religious leaders or rabbis at the time because of his relation with people in society who are considered outcasts or lesser such as women, more specifically Mary Magdalene who is not only a women but a sinner as well, supposedly committing adultery. Jesus shows respect to the same degree for all people no matter their supposed role in society at the time as long as they believe in his words and have faith in God. The Mary and Martha story in Luke defends the legitimacy of women among the disciples since it is unusual to have women have any type of equality or power. The association of women with key male figures is unusual in ancient male literature. The
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Unformatted text preview: reason Luke includes this story is because the early church specifically rejected female prophetesses similar to those in non-Christian religions. They believed that they did not have the same rights as men since Jesus chose only male leadersthe 12 Apostlesand sent them out to preach in his name. Some examples of women having prominent roles are that women are mentioned as first witnesses of the Resurrection. This clearly shows their importance in the early Christian movement. Also Jesus is often pictured healing women, as using women as illustrations in some of his parables. Some examples are God is like a mother hen care for her chicks, and God is like a woman cleaning till she finds a lost coin....
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