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2. There is only one temple in Jerusalem where numerous priest, animal sacrifices, choruses of hymns, prayers everyday, treasury. It was center of celebration for feast days. Synagogues were gatherings of Jews outside of Jerusalem. There would be reading of the scriptures and study of the scripture, making local decisions even about secular things. 4. Mark is first and shortest. Matthew emphasizes Jewish character of Jesus. Luke emphasizes universal character of Jesus with women and poor. John has long speeches, long symbolic miracles stories, a much higher picture of Jesus. 6. His birth was during the Herod the Great, the census problem in 6 CE. John on eve of
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Unformatted text preview: Passover. Matthew and Luke on Passover 7. Matthew of magi, going to Egypt and slaughter of children. Luke has the angel, going to Jerusalem for census. Jesus being born in a stable with shepherds and presenting Jesus in temple. 8. Josephus talks about John the Baptist with basically the same story. It was an embarrassing story for Christians so its kind of embarrassing. John the Baptist was an essetic, Jesus was not. 9. It symbolizes the 12 tribes of Israel 10. The stories sign similar but sound much more magical. Jesus miracle reflect the OT stories. He repeats things that Elijah did or Jesus walking on the water like God....
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