Programa110Fall08[1] - Programa 110 SLU Otoo 2008, p. 1....

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Unformatted text preview: Programa 110 SLU Otoo 2008, p. 1. Printed 4/20/2011 Programa 110 SLU Otoo 2008: A detailed schedule of what we will be doing in class this semester Explanations about charts organization Date: This indicates the date of the class and the date on which the homework in the right-hand column is due. Code : This is actually mostly there for the teachers use. However, from time to time we might share with you some of our materials (ppts, for example) for you to study with, and the materials will probably have this code as part of their name. Material covered in class: The Spanish names here are the names of the lessons from our textbook Dos mundos that we will cover in class that day. These titles can be found, in order, in the white pages of our textbook. If you have trouble locating them, try the table of contents. Below the list of class activities, there is a list of Quia exercises (like A.2B) that you should be able to complete after that days lesson (although some listening activities might be more difficult and easier when returned to a couple days later). In the Tareas column it indicates the last day by which you must complete all of the Quia assignments for each unit. Tareas : These are things that you need to do before going to class. Gramtica : The gray-blue pages at the end of each unit are about grammar. Study the sections indicated. Ejercicios : These are exercises that are in each gramtica section. You are to write these out in full on a separate piece of paper, which you will turn in to your instructor in class. You should attempt to do the assignment fully before checking your answers in Appendix A.4. Then grade yourself in a different colored pen or pencil, and study some more those areas where you had a lot of errors. If your confusion continues, it will probably become clear in class when we are practicing the concept. Otherwise, think about visiting your instructor during office hours or availing yourself of the ancillary lab help. Vocab : Each new lesson contains new vocabulary items. We have indicated to you the major lists and which lessons they are connected to. (Some of the smaller, miscellaneous lists are hard to pinpoint and have been distributed in with the assignments.) You should start studying these words before attending the class they are associated with. Of course you wont be able to memorize all of the words before class, but this is when you need to start the process. Learning vocabulary takes time....
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Programa110Fall08[1] - Programa 110 SLU Otoo 2008, p. 1....

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