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College of Engineering ASME MEETING REPORT Prepared by Adam Fender I. Report Summary The American Society of Engineers brings together mechanical engineers and opens up networking opportunities, as well as strengthening networking skills. I attended their meeting on September 30, 2010. The majority of the meeting was used to talk about fu- ture events. Some of the topics discussed that were talked about was having different professional speakers come in to talk to the group. Also, different competitions they wish to participate in were brought up. Furthermore, it was announced that the study sessions that help the freshmen and sophomores would be resuming the following week. Next, a new mentoring program involving seniors helping underclassmen was brought up. This will allow struggling freshman to get help from upperclassmen who have already gone through all the first year craziness. The conclusion of this meeting consisted of details on how to sign up to be in ASME along with the dues one must pay to join the society. II. Organization Purpose and Objectives The main purpose of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is to bring together mechanical engineering majors so they can work as a team and help each other with classes. ASME also aims to provide networking opportunities to the members of the
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group. This year’s objectives for ASME are to help members go on tours off campus and
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Professional Meeting Report - College of Engineering ASME...

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