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Time Management Report - T I ME MA NAGEMENT REPORT Prepared...

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Prepared by Adam Fender Intro to Engineering – Section 002 Adam.fender@temple.edu Executive Summary This report consists of my current time management system, the tasks that have been im- portant and or urgent, and how I completed those tasks. Also, it has a rating on my overall experience from doing this report. My current time management system is working until I am tired or over worked, then taking a break, then working again. I will go more in depth with this process in the next section. Next, my tasks are separated into important and ur- gent, as well as important. The important and urgent section includes tasks that are harder to complete, usually lengthy papers and major tests or midterms. These are usually tasks we put off until last minute because we don’t want to do them. Also, important tasks are those tasks are generally easier like homework activities and quizzes. I tend to do these tasks first because they are easy to complete and do not take up much time. Lastly, this re- port includes my rating of experience through out this project. Time Management System The system I used to manage my time is working for a significant amount of time and then taking a short break, and repeating this process until I have completed my desired task. This is a new method that I started using since college started. I generally start off very quickly by doing a lot of problems or writing a lot of any particular paper. Then I lose focus and my writing becomes bad or my problem solving skills get weak. Next, I take a short break, maybe ten to fifteen minutes, to clear my head and get something to eat or drink. After that, I get back to work and I am much more efficient than I would have been if I had- n’t taken that break. Finally, I repeat this process until the job is done. Top 6 Important and Urgent Tasks
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Time Management Report - T I ME MA NAGEMENT REPORT Prepared...

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