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Adam Fender Dr. O’Hara English 701 December 6, 2010 Rite of Passage: College Move-In Day Robbie E. Davis-Floyd defines a rite of passage as “a series of rituals that move individuals from one social state or status to another. ..”(Davis-Floyd 107). Davis-Floyd further explains that there are three main stages to a rite of passage: first, people separate from their current status to join a new one; second, there is a transition period in which they do not belong to any specific social category; and lastly, the integration phase is when one joins their new social family. This process is seen all over the world through out all the different types of cultures. American’s go through rites of passages like baptisms, Holy Communion or Bar/Bat Mitzvah's, respective to each religion, and all the way up to senior year and their senior prom. Each of these previously stated rites of passage might be carried out differently depending on the persons’ gender. The next major rite of passage that students go through after their senior year is entering college. Entering college may have different effects on men and women. For example, men expected to be able to let go easier than women. Also, men and women incorporate themselves into new groups in different ways. All in all, move-in day for incoming freshmen at college campuses all over the world is a defining moment in a young person’s life. Davis-Floyd quotes that “Ritual is marked by repetition and redundancy”(Davis-Floyd 110). There are many rituals that surround move-in day that is not very public but they are still there. For instance, colleges and universities make huge deals out of move-in day, setting up an entire welcome week festivities to comfort the parents letting go of their child and welcoming the incoming student. Decorations and beauty of the campus attract the mothers, aunts, and
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grandmothers of the students because women tend to be more attracted to looks. On the other hand, booths that are set up to show off the practicality of the school; education, safety, transportation, and new buildings, appeal more to the fathers and other male family members. Furthermore, the move-in itself can be seen as a ritual considering it is done over and over again year after year all over the world. Another ritual in the college move-in process is dorm shopping. Dorm shopping initiates the move by purchasing everything that is needed for the student to live independently. Dorm shopping may be different for male and female students. For example, female students may want to go out on a shopping spree with their mothers while incoming male students just want to purchase the necessities and get it over with. Reasons for this type of behavior may be because women are stereotyped to enjoy shopping and men are
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Paper #2 - Adam Fender Dr OHara English 701 December 6 2010...

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