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Adam Fender Will Esposito English 802 February 20, 2011 Understanding a Killer The murder or Matthew Shepard was undoubtedly a horrible crime and McKinney and Henderson have no excuse for their actions. However, Joanne Wypijewski’s article on Shepard’s death gave us a new point of view on his murderers. She humanized, or normalized, McKinney and Henderson. She helped their images rise from the dirt and showed us how they are just like the rest of us. Wypijewski also brought Matthew Shepard down from his pedestal of being a saint and showed how he too is just like the rest of us. She did this by bringing together all of the facts of the case and each mans’ background. She discarded all of the assumptions that both killers wanted to be tough and took the literal information from primary sources. Wypijewski wrote her article because she was tired of all the hype and attention that the media was giving to Matthew Shepard because he was murdered. Most of the things said about Shepard may not have been said unless McKinney and Henderson horrifically took this life that night. Likewise, the things said about McKinney and Henderson would not have been said either. Imagine you’re asked how you feel about someone and you don’t really know him or her. You would most likely respond with something bland just saying that you don’t really know that person but haven’t heard anything bad about them. Then you’re told that they murdered someone. Immediately you jump to the conclusion that they are a bad person even though you just said you didn’t know them. This is one of the things Wypijewski is doing while writing her article.
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She is showing the reader that we usually jump to assumptions that we cannot prove. Furthermore, she is trying to show how not everyone is what the media makes him or her look like and that there is good in everyone. After watching multiple videos on dealing with Sabina, Donte, and both of their families I realized how misleading or one sided the news could be. They make sure nothing nice is said about Donte Johnson and nothing bad is said against Sabina. Therefore, the full story is not given to the public. That is where Wypijewski comes in; she gives the public the real story and explains how to see these people in a different light. She wasn’t going out of her way to look for bad things about Matthew Shepard or good things about McKinney and Henderson; she was using the real facts of the case to tear down any propaganda surrounding the men to reveal their true selves. This technique should be used more often because it gives a
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Essay #2 - Adam Fender Will Esposito English 802 February...

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