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Adam Fender Will Esposito English 802 March 30, 2011 Commodification of Education In Mark Slouka’s essay, Dehumanized , he points out that math and science are always given the credit for creating a prosperous economy and that they have dwarfed the use for humanities. To conflict this bias, Slouka believes that humanities play a vital role in the construction of our society. Slouka says that humanities “are the crucible within which our evolving notions of what it means to be fully human are put to the test; they teach us, incrementally, endlessly, not what to do but how to be”(Slouka 36). Although math and science jobs are higher paying and may have a greater effect on the economy, they are nothing without humanities. One of the reasons that humanities are so important is because people skills are important in basically anything. Math and science don’t teach communication, or how to be at all. Slouka also shows how strong his values for humanities are in other ways too. He talks about the fact that humanities are ever changing and we don’t know where they will lead us each and every time. In humanities we “expand the reach of our understanding”, meaning we can broaden our knowledge and have a different perspective on how ideas are seen and comprehended (Slouka, 37). Slouka is saying that the purpose of an education is important for freedom, and to teach us how to be citizens. However, others think education is a business and we see that across many universities today. Slouka criticizes David Brooks for saying that it is ok to delay the gratification of young people because that is just teaching them to control boredom and somehow that relates to getting higher SAT scores which in effect makes you a better adult. However,
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that doesn’t make sense. Young people need to be given gratification now, not later. Also, there can’t be a correlation between high SAT scores and being more productive adult because all a high score on the SAT proves is that you’re good at taking the SAT’s. Derek Bok is one critic who wrote about how universities have become more like businesses in the past few decades. He states that some professors have complained that universities are turning into “‘knowledge factories’ where academic ideals are routinely compromised for the sake of money” (Bok, 16). Universities attempting to gain economic prowess are replacing higher levels of education and learning with better sports teams and newer facilities. This endangers the universities’ basic values and goals. Colleges are
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Essay #3 - Adam Fender Will Esposito English 802 March 30,...

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