Hitt-Dinosaur Response

Hitt-Dinosaur Response - substitute professional athletes...

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Adam Fender Dinosaurs are explanations of Americans and the actions we took on other countries during wartime that shaped the country we are today. Also, one might add that dinosaurs are explanations of professional athletes. As for dinosaurs explaining America during wartime, we see a direct connection in Hitt’s essay. When he explains how during the time of World War 1, when dinosaur findings were making headline news, we were attacking other countries. Hitt’s analogy that compares the U.S. to dinosaurs is “a big, dumb rube, until provoked-then berserker rage” (Hitt 37). He is saying that people see dinosaurs as large stupid animals that just walked around doing nothing until something pissed them off, and then they were evil monsters. This is how some people may see Americans. Furthermore, one may also see a connection between dinosaurs and professional athletes. If you
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Unformatted text preview: substitute professional athletes for Americans in Hitt’s analogy, you may come to the same conclusion. Some professional athletes put on a show off the field to look like they’re very kind and would never do anything wrong. However, once someone angers them on the field, they play dirty and talk trash; something they would never do in front of a camera. Lastly, after the atom bombs were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japanese cartoonists created Godzilla, an explanation Americans. He was a huge man eating T. rex that roamed around looking to terrorize the people of Japan. Godzilla can be seen as an explanation of Americans because we caused terror and heartbreak to the Japanese and that is also what this fictional dinosaur was doing....
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Hitt-Dinosaur Response - substitute professional athletes...

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