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Indicator Policy Group Guidelines Black Males in the City Below you will find points to guide your group toward completing the black males policy paper and presentation. Additional guidelines for the paper and presentation are available as separate documents. a. You are responsible for providing an explanation of your quality of life indicator and illustrating where black males in Philadelphia fall regarding the indicator. b. You are responsible for reading two or three up-to-date articles for your indicator that will help you gain a stronger understanding of the issues black males face. c. You are responsible for conversing with two black males (or people who work with or study the indicator for you group) that can provide you with insights about black males' 1) issue(s) as relate to the indicator, 2) the solution, and 3) what policies or institutions can move toward improving black m
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Unformatted text preview: ales’ performance on the indicator. d. Finally, you are responsible for sharing this information with your group members (each week, we will take some class time to do this) so that you all can begin to develop your policy paper and presentation. e. Your final project will be a brief policy paper outlining the quality of life indicator, describing how black males fare on the indicator, summarizing your research findings and how they interact with other indicators (based on course readings), and making a set of recommendations for improving the quality of life by focusing on what needs to be done, how it can be done, and by whom. You must also address the challenges your group expects the reform you propose will face....
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