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Policy Presentation - Black Males in the City Policy Presentation Assessment Rubric(100 possible points You are responsible for presenting your

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Black Males in the City - Policy Presentation Assessment Rubric (100 possible points) You are responsible for presenting your policy paper to the class. Your presentation should proceed as if you were a task force sharing your policy findings with a group of stakeholders. Your priority is to clearly 1) frame how the indicator should be understood, 2) explain how it relates to and why it is important for black males and society , and 3) what your group feels is a solution to improving black males’ performance on the indicator. Presentations need not include audiovisuals; however, a one page handout outlining the key points of the presentation should be submitted to the instructor on the day of your presentation (please bring two copies). The presentation should not exceed 30 minutes. Be prepared to take questions from your professors and from classmates. FYI, group members will be able to assess your contribution. Statement of the Problem /
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