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Paper Assignment #1 – ENGLISH 0802 – Dr. O’Hara 4-5 pp. DUE Weds, 2/17 Writing Goal: Evaluation Paper . Evaluative writing, the kind of writing in which you demonstrate comprehension of a complex subject or concept, is a common form of academic writing that demonstrates reading comprehension skills and the ability to place abstract ideas into concrete form. Just because you are writing an evaluative paper does not mean that no thesis is necessary . You should still construct your introduction in such a way as the “goal” of the paper is stated in relatively clear fashion early on. Choose from one of the topics below. THE PORT HURON STATEMENT : 1.) One common response to SDS’s “The Port Huron Statement” is that the document remains relevant in the present even while it directly addresses specific maladies of the “sixties.” Obviously, being a half-century old, the document is “dated” in some ways, while in other ways its diagnosis of “complicated and disturbing paradoxes” about American life remain vital to understanding our contemporary cultural/political landscape. You may either
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ASSIGNMENT_1_ENG0802_spr2010 - Paper Assignment #1 ENGLISH...

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