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Philosophy 824 final 2009

Philosophy 824 final 2009 - Philosophy 824 Fall Term 2009...

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Philosophy 824 Fall Term 2009 Prof. Meyer Take Home Examination Topics Write a five page essay in 12 point Times font with one inch margins on one of the topics below. Essays are due in the digital drop box one week from today. Consider one of the following contemporary issues from the point of view of one of the intellectual figures discussed in the course. To do well on the essay, proceed as follows. First describe the issue as you see it, and use three outside references to show that you have represented the issue accurately. Second, analyze this issue from the perspective of one of the intellectual figures discussed through the term, and use three references to that figure’s work during your discussion. Third, assess the consequences or implications of this analysis as you understand them for the issue at hand. 1. Philadelphia’s stop and frisk policing policy – to what extent is this practice reconcilable with the principles of justice at work in American political thought?
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