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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Fibers for Non Majors For this assignment, you will choose one of the techniques we used in the second half of the class: patchwork/quilting, embroidery, silk painting, dyeing, and surface design. Explore this technique more and see if you can take it further. You may incorporate other techniques, although your primary technique should be one of these listed. The work you create should be functional; this means it has a use. This can be a baby quilt, an embroidered piece of clothing, a painted scarf or something else that is useful in some way. As long as you can describe an actual use for your project, you may consider it useful. You should also incorporate the colors from your color assignment described in class (find & collect 5 magazine advertisements that consist of primarily 3 colors). Chose one of your advertisements and make a color swatch sheet in your sketchbook of the 3 colors in your chosen advertisement. Use any media you have available to do this (colored pencil, crayon, paint chips from Lowes, etc) and show your 3 colors in swatches that are at least 1” square. Your work should consist of at least 75% of these three colors combined, and you must include all 3 colors in some way. Black and white are considered “free” colors for this assignment. Please ask if you need this clarified. Remember that the success of your artwork will rest on these factors, so consider 1) your available time, 2) cost of materials 3) material availability (how long will it take to get your materials), 4) the learning curves necessary to learn your materials. Remember that you are responsible for all supplies for your project. The exception to this is dyes; you may use the class dye supply as long as you are using a reasonable amount (i.e. not dyeing yards of fabric), and are not wasteful, as long it lasts. Your writing assignment is to describe in your sketchbook why you chose this technique and the materials you used to create your work (1 page or about 2 paragraphs). Project is due at the beginning of the class on November 12. There are 3 class periods available to work on your project in class, and you should take advantage of the technical help as well as the studio tools available on those days. Your sketchbook, with all the ads you collected, your swatch assignment and your writing assignment, along with all finished samples from this part of the semester (quilting, embroidery, 1 silk painting, 2 dyeing, and 2 painting samples) are due at the same time. All samples should be safety pinned together with your name. Assignment #2 ...
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