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Unformatted text preview: Coiled Baskets 1. Cut the Coiling Core to a 5‐6 foot length to make a basket approximately 2" high, 4" diameter at the top. If you wish to make smaller or larger baskets (coasters, trays etc.) vary the length of the core accordingly. 2. Taper the Core (Illus. A). This must be done to begin and end a basket or to splice the coiling core if necessary. 3. Pick the Yarn: If the yarn being used is single strand, cut a 3‐4 foot length. A double strand uses half the length of yarn. Thread the yarn through a 3" needle. 4. Starting Loop: Start the basket by looping the yarn end (Illus. B). Lay the wrapping yarn along the core about 1 inch and about 1/2" from the tapered end. Then wrap the core until it can bend back onto itself. (Illus. C). Wrap the core and the tail end of the core together to begin the basket. This forms the bottom loop. Now, begin stitching. 5. Start Wrapping: You should have a very small opening in the center of the loop. Wrap yarn around the core away from the loop 5 times to hold it in place. Then put 2 stitches through the hole in the loop (Illus. D & F). Continue to wrap and loop until you have completed two rows or your base is as big as you want the basket. 6. Stitch it: Remember, the stitches that hold the basket together will show. They should be part of the pattern or texture so it is important to watch where they're placed. Before stitching, plan your pattern. Do you want the stitch pattern to repeat every 6 wraps or every 8 wraps? Whatever pattern you select it must be continued from the bottom of the basket to the top. A good rule is 3 to 4 wraps when using double strands and 5 to 8 wraps when single strand yarn is selected. Randomly spaced stitches give a basket a sloppy look. 7. Create Sides: Now you can begin the sides of the basket. The basket is shaped by placing the row of coiling next to the previous row and stitching it tightly. If one row is placed directly above the previous row, a straight sided form will result. A sloping side basket results when the new row is placed slightly over the preceding row. 8. Splicing: At some point you will need more wrapping yarn and have to splice the yarn. Splicing is also done when you wish to change the color of your stitch/wrap yarn. Thread another needle with the length of yarn you've been using then follow Illus. E. When 6‐8 wraps are left on the old yarn, lay a new piece along the core in the direction you are working. Wrap first yarn a few times around the core plus the new yarn. Cut off old yarn, wrap core with new yarn and stitch. The wrap is secure. FINISHING BASKET: To finish the basket requires tapering the core for a neat rim. The more gradual the ending the more professional looking the basket is. Use scissors or a knife to taper the core from 1‐2 inches. Continue wrapping and stitching until you reach the end of the tapered core. Place a final stitch and then bring stitching yarn back through the wrapped core about 4 wraps weave the end under the wrap. Cut excess stitching material close so no ends show. ...
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