IntroFibersNonmajors - I ntr oduction t o Fibers for N...

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Introduction to Fibers for Non-BFA Students Fall 2009 Course #2304 Section #001 Tues-Thur 5:50-8:20 pm Tyler Fiber Studio 3 Credits Kari Scott Office Hours Tues Noon – 1:00 pm and Thurs 4:45 – 5:45 pm or by appointment Introduction to Fibers for Non-majors is a fast-paced taste of fibers as an art form through hands-on creative studio experiences. This course will provide an introduction to a number of fiber construction and manipulation techniques, including weaving, dyeing, felting, basketry, sewing, and surface design. After learning the possibilities of fiber techniques, students will gain a working knowledge of formal art concepts while exploring the techniques they enjoy most to create their choice of projects. Using appropriate terminology, students of will learn to discuss their own work as well as that of their peers. While students will be introduced to standard fiber techniques, an emphasis will be placed on non-toxic techniques that students will be able to do on their own without expensive or specialized equipment so they can continue on their own or use techniques learned in K-12 classrooms. Learning Objectives By the end of this course, students will have learned of a variety of fiber techniques (spinning, dyeing, weaving, basketry, knitting, crochet, quilting, embroidery and fabric surface design) and will have explored 2 or more of those techniques in depth. They will understand how to use toxic fiber processes safely and how to substitute non-toxic techniques when and where appropriate. Students will be able to use the elements of art (line, shape, value, texture, form, space, and color) and principles of design (movement, unity, balance, proportion, variety, rhythm, emphasis, and contrast) while exploring the versatility of fiber media. Students will have an understanding of the history of fiber arts and their relationship to society and meaning in art making. Critiques are held at the end of assigned projects will give students the ability to describe, analyze, discuss, and judge artwork. A final project will serve in lieu of a written exam. Expectations Students are expected to attend and participate in all classes and to be on time. Roll will be taken. Students with more than one unexcused absence or 3 unexcused tardies will have their grade lowered one full letter grade. Students are expected to maintain a sketchbook with notes and samples from class demonstrations, as well as sketches/ideas
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IntroFibersNonmajors - I ntr oduction t o Fibers for N...

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