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Introduction to Fibers for Non-BFA Students Fall 2009 Supply List Required Supplies—General Sketch Book *†^$ Vessel to keep supplies in—tool box, bag, shoe box, etc. *†^$ Sharpie—black fine or fine/ultrafine dual tip *†^$ Small sharp scissors *†$ Pencils—I like mechanicals, and cheap is fine *†^$ Masking tape—3/4 – 1” *†^$ Required Supplies—Specific 1 pkg koolaid without sweeter (it will say you need to add sugar), any flavor (generic is fine) ^ (Sept 8) 1 piece of sturdy cardboard, matboard, or foam core at least 5” x 5” or small plastic craft loom *$ (Sept 10) 1 pkg tapestry needles, assorted larger sizes OR size 13 * (Sept 10) 1 crochet hook sized H, J or K (5mm to 6.5mm) * (Sept 24) 1 pkg assorted hand, craft or quilting needles (look for a plastic disk w/ lots of needles) * (Oct 13) 1 pkg assorted embroidery needles (size 3-9 is good) * (Oct 20) 5” -7” embroidery hoop with screw adjustment * (Oct 20) 1” foam brushes (at least 5) *† (Oct 22)
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