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Introduction to Fibers for Non-BFA Students Dyeing with Kool Aid Note: This will work with any powdered drink mix with NO sugar or other sweetener (like Splenda) added. You can also use food coloring, and you can mix any of the powders or liquid colors to get additional colors. This is a non-toxic method for dying protein (animal-based) fibers like wool and Alpaca. There are two methods to use. If you want an even color to your yarn, use the submersion method. If you want more variegated colors or more than one color, use the microwave method. Remember that wool will felt when subjected to temperature changes and agitation. Let the wool heat up slowly and cool down before handling, and don’t stir the pot! You can also dye wool roving before spinning and mix the colors while spinning. Submersion Method Crockpot or steel/enameled saucepan or pot and heat source 1 package Kool Aid for each ounce of fiber 3 parts water (i.e., 6 cups) 1 part plain white vinegar (i.e., 2 cups) Soak your wool in warm to hot water for 15-30 minutes. In the crockpot on hight or on the stove, heat up the water and vinegar to just simmering. Mix the Kool Aid (or food coloring) with
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