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The Principles of Design Balance is created in a work of art when textures, colors, forms or shapes are combined harmoniously. In this work, notice how the light from the window is balance by the white of her head scarf and blouse. Contrast is the use of several ele- ments of design to hold the viewer’s attention and to guide the viewer’s eye through the artwork. Notice how the dark background draws your eye to the fowers. Movement is the way a viewer’s eye is directed to move through a composition, often to areas of emphasis. Lines, contrasting shapes, or colors within the artwork can di- rect movement. See how your eye moved around to follows the wave in this painting. Emphasis is created in a work of art when the artists contrasts colors, textures, or shapes to direct the viewer’s eye towards a particular part of an image. In this image, the sun is a darker/contrasting color to the rest of the forms, creating an emphasis that draws your eye directly to the sun. Pattern
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