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Unformatted text preview: Introduction to Fibers for Non­Majors Project Assignment #1 Due Thursday October 8 at the beginning of class 1. Pick one of the techniques we have learned so far (weaving, felting, basketmaking or crochet). You may include spinning and/or dyeing, but you should use those techniques as secondary techniques and not your primary technique. You may also combine techniques (i.e., felting a crochet piece). 2. Using the technique as your guide, find at least three existing works by at least 3 different artists to use as inspiration. You can use any source to find those works—a library book, a photograph that you have, or an online image (hint—Google image search). You will need to create a word document that includes those 3 images and either email it to me or bring a printed copy in to class on the due date. If you are using books as your source, you can scan copies in the fibers computer lab during class if you need help. The library also has scanners. 3. Using your inspiration sources, create a work using the technique(s) you learned in class. You will have work time in class to ask for help if you need to expand your skills. It is very important that you create your own work and not copy your source material. You are using your sources as inspiration. Your piece should be at least 4 times as large as your samples—you are not making another sample. Make sure you factor in the amount of time it will take you to learn and practice any additional skills required for your piece. Consider color, form and line while creating your piece. Use of your sketchbook to work out design is highly encouraged. 4. Consider and finalize a way to display your piece in class for the critique. The way you display your piece should reflect a finished work as you would display it in a gallery. 5. In your sketchbook, write a one‐page self‐critique of your work. What did you learn? What would you do differently. How did you like working with this media/technique? This, along with all your samples, is to be turned in at the end of class on Oct. 8, but you must complete it before class. Remember that you are responsible for the materials for your project. If money is an issue please ask for help to make sure you can afford to make your project. You will need to allow enough time to get your own supplies. Experimentation is encouraged; push yourself to learn more. But keep in mind what you can realistically do before the due date. Your piece MUST be finished at the beginning of class. Grading (from the syllabus): Each project will receive two grades. The first grade is for the artistic idea or concept and originality. The second grade is for the quality, craftsmanship and presentation of the project. Peer feedback from critiques will be incorporated into these grades. Each grade will be worth one­half of the points for that project. For example, for a project worth 20 points, students will be able to receive up to 10 points for artistic idea and 10 points for presentation. Assignments turned in late will receive be marked down by one­half. For example, a project turned in late that would have received 18 points will be marked down to 9 points. ...
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