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Term paper Guidelines

Term paper Guidelines - journal articles Of course...

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Term paper Some guidelines: Pick a topic and research it in some depth (beyond the discussion of class or your textbook) Can be anything related to geologic event or phenomenon that interests you Be able to understand and answer the how, why, where, what and when regarding this topic, and then covey that in an organized and logical written paper. You should be able to apply the concepts and principles learned from class to this paper. This is a research paper and as such should have a minimum of 3-5 references (including 2
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Unformatted text preview: journal articles). Of course Wikipedia doesn’t count – bu t it is a great place to start… Formatting: Standard stuff here… 8-10 pages Double spaced Logical arrangement – i.e.: Abstract, Introduction, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. Figures & Graphs are encouraged Misc Unsure about a topic? Don ’t worry about submitting something broad – I ’ll be happy to help you focus it a bit. Unsure about journal articles – try google scholar or Temple ’s library website…...
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