2043Syllabus-Spring2011 - MATH 2043 SYLLABUS: Spring 2011...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 2043 SYLLABUS: Spring 2011 Instructors Version Prerequisites for Math 2043 are a grade of C or higher in Math 1042 (0086), Calculus II, or transfer credit for a course equivalent to Math 1042. TEXT: Jon Rogawski, Calculus: Early Transcendentals , First Edition, Freeman and Company Syllabus REVIEW OF DIFFERENTION AND INTEGRATION SKILLS (1 hour) Please remind the students to do a review on Calculus 1 and 2 materials, especially in differention rules such as product, quotient, and chain rules. And integration skills such as substitution rule, integration by parts and double angel formula for sine and cosine fuctions. You should give them a quiz about these review materials. CHAPTER 12: VECTOR GEOMETRY (7 hours) Cover Sections 12.1-12.5. Section 12.1 introduces vectors in the plane. Please use the list of homework problems as a guide to the concepts and notations you need to cover in this section. Section 12.2. In addition to vectors in 3 dimensions this section contains parametric equations of lines. Please also show them how to parametrize a line segment since they will need to do that for line integrals later. Section 12.3 covers the dot product. Please show them how to sketch the projection in addition to the fomula. Section 12.4 covers the cross product and its applications. You need not discuss basic properties of the cross product (Theorem 2) here. All you need to do is cover Theorem 1 and discuss the relation between the cross product, areas and volumes. Section 12.5 deals with equations of planes. You can assign Section 12.6 for independent reading (all they need to do is look at the pictures). Section 12.7 covers cylindrical and spherical coordinates. You can use it as a resource when you discuss integration in spherical and cylindrical coordinates in Chapter 15, but please do not cover it now....
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2043Syllabus-Spring2011 - MATH 2043 SYLLABUS: Spring 2011...

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