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Recordkeeping and Lab Reports NOTE ALL LAB NOTEBOOK ENTRIES AND LAB REPORTS ARE TO BE WRITTEN IN INK 1. Before coming to lab, set up tables in the lab notebook similar to the tables in the data sheet(s) found at the end of the experiment procedure (downloaded from “course documents” of this this Blackboard course). In these tables, you only need to include the data and calculations you will be recording in lab (calculations etc that are not going to be done in lab, but will be done as part of the report, do not need to be included in the lab notebook tables) 2. All data recorded during lab is entered into the lab notebook (in your tables you set up). The instructor will initial the page(s) used at the end of each
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Unformatted text preview: experiment, and will keep one copy. 3. When you begin to write the lab report, the data from your lab notebook is copied onto the data sheets AS NEATLY AS POSSIBLE. You complete all calculations, answers all questions, and turn in those data sheets as part of your lab report. 4. One copy of the grading rubric (also downloaded from “course documents” of this Blackboard course) is to be attached at the beginning of each week’s lab report. Read the rubric, it indicates what you need to turn in for your report, and the order it needs to be attached to the report....
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