CHEM 1031 - FA 2010 - SYLLABUS(1)

CHEM 1031 - FA 2010 - SYLLABUS(1) - FALL 2010 FALL 2010...

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FALL 2010 FALL 2010 SYLLABUS FOR GENERAL CHEMISTRY I – CHEM 1031 Course Description, Pre- and Co-Requisites: CHEM 1031. General Chemistry I (3 s.h., formerly CHEM C071) The first semester of chemistry for science majors, pre-professional students, and others in science related fields. A quantitative introduction to atomic and molecular structure, states of matter, basic thermodynamics, and solutions. Three hours of lecture and one hour of recitation per week. Prerequisite : Placement into Mathematics 1022 (C074), Mathematics 1021 (C073) with a grade of C or better, or equivalent transfer. Co-Requisite : Chemistry 1033 (C073) is normally taken concurrently. Students enrolled without meeting these requirements may be de-enrolled by the Dean’s office. Note: This course can be used to satisfy the University Core Science & Technology First Level (SA) requirement. Students must earn the grade of C- in this course or higher before enrolling in CHEM 1032 (General Chemistry II), and a grade of C or higher before enrolling in BIO 1111 (Introduction to Biology). Meeting Times Room Lecturer Office Ext Email MWF 11am-11:50am BE 166 DEVANE Bio-Life 113B 4213 [email protected] Office Hours: MW 1pm-2:30pm Bio-Life 113B, and also by appointment. This is your time to ask questions regarding the lecture material, assignments, and grading concerns. You should make an appointment if you are unable to attend these scheduled office hours. Coordinator: Dr. John B. Michel (BE 126B; ext. 2434; [email protected]). Dr. Michel is the person to see regarding scheduling issues and drop/adds in recitation and lab sections. Recitations: Follow your schedule for meeting times and rooms. Recitations will meet starting the first week of the semester. Make a note of your recitation instructor’s name, office, office hours, extension and email here: Recitation Instructor: CHEM 1031 Page 1 of 12
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FALL 2010 FALL 2010 Registration: Students may register for classes at their college advising offices, or via OWLnet ( or the Diamond Line (215.204.2525) with their 4-digit PIN. Open/Close status is best viewed via TU Courses ( Drop/Add: During the first week of the semester, students may still register, without coordinator signature, for any open Lec/Rec sections. During the second week, students may only register for open Lec/Rec sections with permission from Dr. Michel in consultation with the lecturer. The last day to drop a course without a record of the class appearing on the transcript is Tuesday, September 14 th . Withdrawal: In weeks three through nine of the semester, a student may withdraw only with their advisor’s permission. This is Temple University’s Policy (#02.10.14). There is no need to seek a lecturer’s or instructor’s signature. The course will be recorded on the transcript with the notation of “W,” indicating that the student withdrew. A student may withdraw from no more than five courses during his/her undergraduate career. A student may not withdraw from the same
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CHEM 1031 - FA 2010 - SYLLABUS(1) - FALL 2010 FALL 2010...

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