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BE_2_UP Business Leader Presentation RW __ student -...

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Group Members’ Names Computer Numbers 1. 2. Business Leaders Presentation Directions: 1. Research a Business Leader (example: Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Warren Buffet, Russell Simmons, Oprah) – Yes, many entertainers & athletes are business leaders! GREAT WEBSITE : 2. While researching answer the following questions: b. Where did they go to school and for how long? c. What are they like as a personal – their personality – and what are their leadership qualities? d. How are they a leader and what type are they? e. What have they accomplished? 3. Make a list of the references from which you got this information. 4. Create a power point presentation based on the information you found & following the set of guidelines listed below. 5. When you are finished, print in handout format. Business Leaders Presentation Rubric
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Unformatted text preview: Requirement Possible Points Total Points Title Slide • name of the American leader • a picture of the leader • the names of the members in the group 10 2-3 slides of personal information/background • where they came from • personal information about the leader 20 2-3 slides of personality description • what type of person are they? • what values do they have) about the leader 20 3 slides of why they are a good leader and what their leadership qualities are • could be quotes from other well-known people • leadership qualities 20 1-2 slides of their accomplishments • what have they done with their abilities to help others? • what are they known for? 10 1 Summary slide of why you picked this leader. 10 Last slide should include references for the websites that you used in your presentation. 10 Total 100...
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BE_2_UP Business Leader Presentation RW __ student -...

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