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Day 01 -- BE_5_UP So Whats Wrong with That RW

Day 01 -- BE_5_UP So Whats Wrong with That RW - Students...

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Student’s Name Computer No. So What’s Wrong With That? Case Studies As human resources department members, what would you do in the following situations? Type your responses in the space provided. 1. Andy works at a local convenience store as a clerk. On his break he decides he would like a Pepsi and a candy bar. He has not had time to cash his check this week and doesn't have any money. He takes the items and leaves an IOU in the cash register drawer. What's Wrong With That? Did he have any other options? If so, what? 2. Andy is given a $1 and a $10 bill to pay for an item that is $1.43. He gives back the change for $2 and later pockets the extra $9. What's Wrong With That? 3. Ian has finished his work at the bank and decides to read a book until the next customer comes in. What's Wrong With That? 4. Hillary is afraid of the thunderstorm outside so she calls her boss to tell him/her she is not coming in today. What's Wrong With That? 5. Felicia wants to get tickets for a great concert that go on sale at 10:00 a.m.; she calls in sick for the day.
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