Day 02 -- BE_3_AR International Business Etiquette Project

Day 02 -- BE_3_AR International Business Etiquette Project...

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Name Comp No. International Business Etiquette Before starting this project, read the results of a quiz at: Search the Internet for at least four sites that deal with international business etiquette. Make sure you note the website addresses as you will need to list your resources in your PowerPoint presentation. You will research one country (not the US). You must sign up with the teacher so that there will not be duplicate countries. 1. Topics you need to include: a. Business Greetings (shake hands? bow? kiss? etc.) b. Business Dress c. Business Cards d. Business Introductions (who’s first? proper/informal names? etc.) e. Table manners/Restaurant etiquette i. American and/or European style of dining ii. Condiments Etiquette f. Gift giving (is it proper? expected? courteous? etc.)
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Unformatted text preview: Possible Earned 2. You will need the following slides: a. Title slide Business Appropriate (yet catchy) 5 b. Introduction slide (tell overview of country show map, government, etc.) 10 c. Information slides (tell about Topic 4 from above) i. Business Greetings ii. Business Dress iii. Business Cards iv. Business Introductions v. Table manners/Restaurant etiquette vi. Gift Giving 10 10 10 10 10 10 d. Conclusion slide (not The end) 5 e. Work Cited or Source Page slide 5 3. One SMARTBOARD slide quiz about your country , we will GUESS THE COUNTRY must have at least 5 questions or hints to something about the country 15 4. You will need a minimum of 10 slides Completed projects will be posted on the website and may be presented in class. Good luck...
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Day 02 -- BE_3_AR International Business Etiquette Project...

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