Day 03 -- BE_4_AR Starting a Business Group Activity

Day 03 -- BE_4_AR Starting a Business Group Activity -...

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Business Project With the allotted funds, you must open a business with 3 other people. Although partnerships can sell goods or services in real life, in this project, you must sell a GOOD of some sort (something tangible that you can make a replica of). Obviously, the “good” must be school appropriate !!! The following must be completed for this project: I. Name and Logo (saved as jpeg) for the company II. Partnership agreement (at least 5 terms) – search for examples on the internet III. Model/Replica for the product IV. Complete Business Plan (Day 03 – Business Plan Outline in pdf) a. Executive Summary b. Product/Service Plan c. Management Team Plan d.
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Unformatted text preview: Industry/Market Analysis e. Operational Plan f. Organizational Plan g. Marketing Plan h. Financial Plan i. Growth Plan V. PowerPoint – to show to “investors” and “bankers” to get a loan a. Overview of business plan b. Information about product VI. Newspaper Ad/Flyer (full page ad) VII. 30 Second Commercial (radio or TV) • This will be submitted in a 3 ring notebook (provided by the teacher). • In the appendix of the notebook, there will be a list of who worked on each aspect of the project and where the information is saved. • At the end of the project there will be a group evaluation of individual members!!...
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